For all my life, I did not imagine that I would become who I am today because my circumstances made me think I was just passing through life and just survive. This picture here carries a lot of memories and a reminder of what it means to choose hope and to keep going even when you feel like your strength is fading.


Raha( front row to the right)

Whenever I share my story mostly what I get is a ‘woishe‘ of feeling(pity) or just sad look and some wondering why am not crying whenever I share such stories. I was listening to a talk by Oprah and she shared something like really amazing I thought I should share ‘’ we should own our stories, own our place in the world and sing it LOUD no matter how different we will sound from everyone else.’’ This quote just sums up my life in every aspect. It is only when I came to this realisation, I began to see light and embraced who I was something that I really struggled with for a long time.

Sometimes I wished things were different but what have come to learn and appreciate about my journey is that no one is ever a mistake and everything we go through is only a path to our purpose in life. I do not look back and weep anymore because I found a purpose in my life and to just tell everyone else who feels like they do not belong that you are not alone. Own and embrace your journey and be that light whenever you go.Among the things that keeps me going and motivates me is when I came to know that no matter your circumstances you matter, you are important.


Love Raha.



What does help really mean?!!

We are already in my favourite month. Why do I always get excited for this particular month? It is my birthday month, Social Workers and women month. Thanks to Elizabeth Evans Hagan for the daily motivations you share with me that I get to reflect on. One of the post you shared I remember this one question: Do you find yourself reflective on your birthday and if so, how?
It hit me hard as for the past few months a lot has been going in my head as I have been thinking a lot on the direction I want to take in my life and what it really means to me. I have been feeling disturbed a lot because there is a certain word that has been on my head and since coming to UK and everything I found myself questioning a lot of things in my head. Can I call it a skiza tune? When go I sleep I still hear it.Help! What does it really mean to help? what is it really?

One time, I remember I was just a young girl and somebody asked what I wanted to become in future. I told her I wanted to become somebody who would help other people not to go through any more suffering like did in my childhood. I did not understand what it really meant, all I knew was that I wanted to ease the suffering of others and make somebody happy. Now that I am a grown up my perspectives and understanding on it has changed as I can see myself in this help context and how it played out in my life. I thought I was a bit insane because I have never thought of an issue this much. As I talk and tell people what I intend to do in future Its a thing these days I want to listen to myself first and then give a BIG SMILE because its what I believe has always and will continue to set my heart and soul on fire for I know that’s where I am meant to be.

As I look back, am actually not surprised with the woman have become today because it was that very statement which I have based my character ,actions and career. Fast forward 2019! I am somewhere far away from home doing what Children Youth and International Development course. Amazing, right! I was feeling scared but the more I keep looking at what I envision to be a better world and all that I aspire to do, I can as well continue to be disturbed, keep believing and doing. My prayer for my new year is as I reflect on the word HELP I may know better, do better and keep trusting that God will lead me in the right direction.

All the amazing human beings in my life may you too have an incredible fulfilling month and am G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L

Love Raha,